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Film Information:

Director: Carlos Bolado
TRT: 112 Min
Format: DCP
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Genre: Drama
US Distributor: Cinema Libre Studio

The Story

After suffering a heart attack, retired General José Mendieta (Damián Alcázar) is haunted by his dark past as an officer in Operation Condor, the CIA-backed campaign of political repression in Latin America that was responsible for executions, torture, and imprisonments in the 1970’s. It is estimated that over 400,000 people were imprisoned and 30,000 forcibly disappeared as a result of these government actions.

In a letter to his son Pablo (Bernardo Peña), Mendieta confesses the role he played in the abduction, persecution, and execution of countless men and women during his posting to Chile. Journalist Marco (Carlotto Cotta) and his pregnant wife Luciá (Carla Ortiz) are among those who were arrested, along with their activist friend Antonio (Tomás Fonzi) and revolutionary Andrea (Ana Calentano). They suffer terribly under Mendieta and his cohort Sanera (Rafael Ferro, Guapas), which leads to a cascade of betrayals, secrets, and stolen lives that spans generations.

Olvidados (Forgotten), Bolivia’s Foreign Language Film submission for the 87th Academy Awards®, stars renowned actors from five countries, and was filmed in Bolivia, Argentina, and New York. It is the first film to specifically address the horrors perpetrated under Operation Condor, which was responsible for: 50,000 deaths; 30,000 “disappeared”; and 400,000 arrested and imprisoned in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

José Mendieta

José Mendieta

He is an old man full of remorse and regrets. Without the love of his life, his wife María, he realizes that the reasons and ideals he fought for were worthless and undignified. Ashamed of his sins from the past and seeking for redemption, he confesses his dark secrets to his only son.

Damián Alcázar

He is one of the pillars of Mexican contemporary cinematography. He studied at the Centro Universitario de Teatro of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has acted in more than 60 Mexican and foreign movies, 24 short films and many series and educational shows for TV (FOX Telecolombia, Argos TV and Latin American HBO). He has received over 15 international and 14 national awards, including 8 Arieles. Among the numerous films he has participated in, are: La mujer del puerto (1996) directed by Arturo Ripstein; Lolo (1993) by Francisco Athié; Dos Crímenes (1995) directed by Roberto Sneider; El Anzuelo (1996) by Ernesto Rimoch; Bajo California: el límite del tiempo (1998) directed by Carlos Bolado; La ley de Herodes (1999) by Luis Estrada; El crimen del padre Amaro (2002) directed by Carlos Carrera, Crónicas (2005) by Sebastián Cordero, Las vueltas del Citrillo (2006) by Felipe Cazals, Las Crónicas de Narnia, 2008 Disney production, Del amor y otros demonios by Hilda Hidalgo, De la Infancia (2008) directed by Carlos Carrera, Chicogrande (2009) by Felipe Cazals, El infierno (2009) directed by Luis Estrada. In 2013 Ciudadano Buelna by Felipe Cazals and Fecha de Caducidad directed by Kenya Márquez for which he has received important international awards.



(40 years old, Argentinian). A complex and conflictive character married to the perfect wife with whom he has two children. A military leader by conviction, he firmly believes that revolutionaries and their ideology are dangerous and threatening for the stability of his country. He is determined to combat them at any price. The end of protecting his people against Communism justifies the means for committing brutal and repressive crimes, with no moral or ethical conflict whatsoever.

Rafael Ferro

He was born in Buenos Aires in December of 1965. His long career includes numerous movies, plays and television shows. Among his recent performances in film are: Mala, by Adrian Israel Caetano; the Argentina and Spanish coproduction Medianeras, directed by Gustavo Taretto and the German productions El día que no nací, directed by Florian Cossen and Las lágrimas de mi madre, by Alejandro Cárdenas. In 2014 he starred in 5 movies: La otra orilla, directed by Daniel Gagliano; Bolishoping, by Pablo Bardi; La vida después, by Franco Verdoia and Planta Madre, by Gianfranco Quatrinni. In television, he has acted in over 25 series, soap operas and miniseries. One of his major co-star roles was in the soap opera Ciega a citas. He has participated in several episodes of Lalola, Para vestir santos, El pacto, El donante and in the successful series Epitafios. In theater, he acted in 4 D Óptico, written and directed by Javier Daulte (2011); Las islas, written by Carlos Gamerra and directed by Alejandro Tantanian (2011), La gaviota and La cocina directed by Alicia Zanca and La vuelta al hogar by Alejandro Maci (2009).


Carla Ortiz

She is Bolivia’s most important and internationally renowned actress. She is also a television hostess and producer. She was born in Cochabambá and started her career at 13 years of age as a model. She studied performing arts in the United States and then moved to Mexico where she acted in successful soap operas, such as Gotitas de amor, Mujeres engañadas and Secreto de amor. She relocated to Los Angeles where she hosted several television programs (Xcape and Access Hollywood) and appeared in Baywatch, CSI: Miami and Without a Trace. She has acted in many films, such as Los Andes no creen en Dios (2007), Escríbeme postales a Copacabana (2009), The Land of the Astronauts (2010) and The Man Who Shook the Hands of Vicente Fernández (2012) directed by Elia Petridis, where she performed the leading role, opposite Ernest Borgnine. In 2013 she starred in Xibalba, a science fiction film inspired by legends from the Maya people. She was chosen by Esquire magazine as one of the “Sexiest Women in the World” in 2010. She is the co-founder of Flor de Loto Group, a media company focused on bringing about social consciousness and global awareness to the public. She produced, co-wrote and stars in Olvidados, a historical fictionalized version of Operation Condor.



T(28 years old, Chilean). He is a football fan and a self proclaimed chef. He is also irresistibly charismatic and an enthusiast for life, qualities that make him the soul of all parties. His involvement with revolutionary movements led him to detention. In spite of his difficult situation, he maintains his sense of humor, but he will never forgive himself for being responsible of his friend’s destiny.

Tomás Fonzi

He was born in 1981 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is known for his work in the films: The Roldans (2004), Botineras (2009) and Nine Queens (2000). He won the prize for best actor in the Iberoamerican Festival of Lérida and was nominated for the Condor de Plata award as best revelation actor. He acted in two of the biggest box-office hits in Argentina and recently started his international career in the Spanish comedy Slam. He became known in Mexico when he toured with his rock band Mono tremendo.


Ana Calentano

She was born in Ciudad de La Plata, Argentina, and has an important career in film, theater and television. She has acted in more than 20 movies with directors such as Marcelo Piñeyro, Hector Olivera and Hector Babenco, among others. She received a Cóndor de Plata award for her first leading role in Las vidas posibles by Sandra Gugliotta and the prize for best actress at the International Film Festival in Ceará, Brasil. She has received awards for El Mural by Hector Olivera, Las viudas de los jueves, directed by Marcelo Piñeyro, Miguel Cohan’s first feature film Sin retorno, which also received awards in Valladolid and other international film festivals, and the Premio Clarín for best supporting actress in Felicitas by Teresa Constantini.


Eduardo Paxeco

He was born in Valparaíso, Chile. He has acted in movies, theater and television. He participated in 03:34 Terremoto en Chile directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier (best first feature film in the Latin American Movie Show in Cataluña), Ilusiones ópticas by Cristián Jiménez (for which he received the Pedro Sienna award for best leading actor) and La buena vida by Andrés Wood that won the Goya award for best movie in 2009. He had the leading role in Caleuche: El llamado del mar by Jorge Olguín, the first Chilean movie to be distributed by Disney. He forms part of the theater company Minimale. He has participated in the following TV series: Mishima, Litoral, Infieles, La Sexóloga, Infiltradas, Primera Dama, Maldita and Aquí mando yo. .


Carloto Cotta

He was born Portugal in 1984. He is one of the most important young actors of his country with an international career. He is known for his leading role in the film Tabú, directed by Miguel Gomes for which he was nominated in San Sebastián and Cannes. He has worked with renowned directors in films such as Misterios de Lisboa by Raúl Ruiz, La religiosa portuguesa by Eugène Green, Morrer como um homen directed by João Pedro Rodrigues, Nuit de Chien by Werner Schroeter and in the short film that won the Palm d’Or in Cannes, Arena by João Salaviza. He has also done theater and series and soap operas for Portuguese public and private television.



Tiene 30 años y es argentino. Músico, poeta y gran amigo. Su actitud pacífica y ligera ante la vida, es para sus compañeros detenidos la inspiración para soportar los vejámenes a los cuales son sometidos y despertar al héroe en el momento en que algunos se ven perdidos. Su afición a la bebida, la comida, y su amor por la música, son un canto a la vida.

Guillermo Pfenning

He was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1978. He has acted in theater, and wrote and directed the play Alice, una mujer llena de vida. He has starred in several soap operas such as Campeones and Costumbres argentinas and acted in the most important local films such as El resultado del amor by Eliseo Subiela, Futuro Perfecto by Mariano Galperín, Fontana by Juan Bautista Stagnaro, El último verano de la Boyita directed by Julia Solomonoff, Il Riclamo (Stefano Passeto, Italy), Belgrano by Sebastian Pivotto), Wacolda de Lucía Puenzo and Atlántida by Inés Barrionuevo (2013), among others. He wrote and directed the short films Transitoriedad (2005) and Caito (2004). In 2013 his first feature film Caito received great critics and received the prize of the jury of FIACID of Peru. He was nominated to the Premios Sur for El resultado del amor and Wakolda..


Shlomit Baytelman

She studied theater and dance in the University of Chile. She has acted in classical and contemporary theater plays, such as Tartufo by Moliêre, Tengamos sexo en Paz, by Darío Fo and Concierto para locas y cuerdas by Jorge Díaz, who received the National Literature Prize. She has also participated in movies, such as Estado de sitio by Costa Gavras, Julio comienza en Julio directed by Silvio Caiozzi, Imagen latente by Pablo Perelman and Los Andes no creen en Dios directed by Antonio Eguino. She has had a long career in television and has also published two poetry books; the second one, Escritos para un amor inconcluso has a prologue by Nicanor Parra. She currently directs the theater company of the Economy Faculty al the University of Chile.


Manuela Martelli

She was born in Chile and won the Premio Coral for best actress in the 2004 La Habana Film Festival when she was only 18 years old. Since then, she has participated in over 14 movies produced in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, Germany and Spain. She starred in Machuca by Andrés Wood (Altazor Prize of Chile as best actress) Navidad by Sebastián Lelio and Il Futuro directed by Alicia Scherson (Colón del Oro to best feature actress of the Festival de Cine Iberoamericano of Huelva 2013), and as leading actress in: Il Mondo fino in fondo by Alessando Lunardelli and El árbol magnético (Spain, Chile) directed by Isabel Aguayvives, which opened at the San Sebastián Film Festival. She is currently writing and will direct her first film produced by Dominga Sotomayor.


Cristian Mercado

He is an actor and musician born in La Paz, Bolivia. He has starred in films such as Contracorriente by Javier Fuentes for which he received the prize for best actor at the Chilean international festival Rapa Nui Film Fest, Che, Guerrilla directed by Steven Soderbergh and Los Andes no creen en dios by A. Eguino, among others. He forms part of the Teatro de los Andes theater group and directs the company Teatro La Oveja Negra and the El desnivel. He is a producer, composer and singer of the rock band Reverso. He has recorded 4 CDs and composed the music for the movie Hospital Obrero by Germán Monje.


Bernardo Peña

He was born in Bolivia and lives in the United States where he is currently a movie, theater and television actor. He has starred in soap operas and series, such as Law & Order, Numb3rs and The Young & the Restless, among others. He has acted in the films Cielito Lindo, Polterguys, Everlasting and Xibalba. In 2013 he returned to Bolivia to do a leading role in Pseudo by Gory Patiño and the Spanish film director Luis Fernández Reneo. He acted in the plays El pacto, by Camila Urioste and El santo y la chancha by Ariano Suassuna.


Claudia Lizaldi

She was born in Mexico City in 1978. She is an actress, television presenter, writer and lecturer. In film, she had the leading roles in Mi mejor regalo (2011) and Casandra (2013), and in theater, she acted in Somos, directed by Odiseo Bichir (2000), Los monólogos de la vagina, produced by Morris Gilbert (2008) and La noche más venturosa, directed by Francisco Hernández (2013). As a television presenter she hosted several shows in Televisa, such as: Hoy Sábados, La jugada, La oreja and in 2013, Teletón Guatemala. She has written 3 books: La decisión, es tu vida, tú eliges (with Dr. Miguel Ruiz), Puro corazón (with her husband Eamonn Kneeland) and recently, Un abrazo para mamá.


Jorge Ortiz

He was born on October 1956 in Tarija, Bolivia. He chose acting over architecture when he was 28 years of age. In 1995 he was given his first important roles in movies in Para recibir el canto de los pájaros, by Jorge Sanjinés, and Cuestión de fe, by Marcos Loayza. He soon become one of Bolivia´s most renowned actors and appeared in many movies, such as: Espíritus independientes by Gustavo Castellanos (2005), I am Bolivia by Anna Kalashnikova (2006), American Visa by Juan Carlos Valdivia (2004), Los Andes no creen en Dios (2007) and La Cacería del Nazi (La Traque) by Laurent Jaoui (2208), among others. He has also starred in many short films, plays, TV programs and series such as Historias de vecino and Tres de nosotras, both by Fernando Aguilar.

Dr. Benavides

Milton Cortez

He was born in Trinidad, Bolivia. He sings professionally since he was 10 and at 13 he recorded the first of the 15 albums he has released. He has won international awards, such as Aplauso USA and has obtained two gold records. He also composes, and his repertoire includes songs written for him by Ricardo Ceratto, Ricardo Montaner, Björn Johansson, David Saylor and John Dewbury, among others. His career as an actor began in his country with the leading role in the TV series Los pioneros. He studied acting in Mexico and has participated in soap operas, plays and films, such as: Hijos del viento, Los Ándes no creen en dios and Tlatelolco, among others..

Señora Sanera

Lucila Sola

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives in Los Angeles where she studied at Santa Monica College and then in UCLA, where she discovered her passion for acting and decided to commit to the performing acts, studying with prestigious teachers. She has acted in movies in Spanish and in English, such as, Pride and Prejudice (2003), Un buen día (2010) and Soul's Midnight (2006), among others, and appeared in televisions shows such as George López Show and Kirstie Alley’s.

Technical Team

Director: Carlos Bolado
Executive Producer: Frank Giustra
Producer: Carla Ortiz
Script: Elia Petridis, Carla Ortiz y Mauricio D’avis
Director of Photography: Ernesto Fernández Telleria
Editor: Carlos Bolado, Camilo Abadia y Juan Palacio
Sound: Ramiro Fierro
Casting Directors: Wendy Alcázar y Manuel Teil
Art Designer: Marta Méndez
Assistant Director: Erik Baeza
Sound Design: Nerio Barberis y Matías Barberis
Soud Mix: Diego Gat
Line Producer: Paolo Agazzi
Post Producer: Alejandro Clancy

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